Friday, June 1, 2012

Out With a Playful Roar

helping a scooper
 we made a special snack to celebrate our last meeting of the muddy boots club...including a secret ingredient (!) and headed out to all our favorite places. We're not sure why, but we were very noisy! There was music being made from trees being hit with sticks, "monkeys" chasing and roaring amongst the trees, and silly faces being made. We saw a toad and a beetle, and many slugs and ants. Butterflies flew by in the fields, and birds sang to us even above our noisiness. We never got to the "peacefulness" that happens sometimes, but it sure was a wonderful afternoon!

adding the secret ingredient for our trail mix!

a windy start

a purple flower not picked

a familiar view

we're not sure what was going on today...but it was LOUD and LOUDER!

a circle of stones

forging our own paths

moving right along

a toad!

we know this tree!

what are they talking about?

a beetle!

over the bridge......


over another bridge


sweeping with a stick

making music by hitting trees with a stick. One tree sounded like a duck!

double wow

so loud!

rainbow tree...everybody smile!

eating a special snack in the woods

moving right along

last view!

Until Next Time,

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