Friday, May 25, 2012

Off We Go!

blue skies.....

here we go!

moss and slugs

looking closely

a slug sitting on a stick

a slug sitting on a rock

look at this moss!

these two were measuring the space in between these trees to see if they would both fit


we noticed the way the stump "sparkled" in the sun

rocks in a circle

watching the water

look closely!

sending sticks and leaves down the stream

watching the traveling leaves

just some stones to wrap in paper

time spent in the outdoor classroom

making whistles out of grass

Here's a  story told in pictures, time outside with our friends....we stayed near the outdoor classroom, explored near the brook and sent sticks and leaves down the stream.....picked up and looked at slugs and put them down again....colored with crayons....and tried to whistle with grass pieces!

Until Next Time,

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