Friday, October 26, 2012

A Kind of Quiet Time

here we go...

what's in here?

a nice rock

look up!

this is a chipmunk house

bridges to cross

a chipmunk house!

listening to a singing tree.


making a chipmunk house!

let's head back!

We enjoyed a few moments by ourselves in the woods this afternoon, walking quietly and listening to the leaves crunch underfoot, exploring familiar spaces, and talking about what we saw. We've begun to compile some thoughts about our outdoor spaces, and eventually want to create a "prek guide to the paths" with photos and drawings and words about our favorite spots. We do call different areas by name; there's the chipmunk houses, sawdust place, and rainbow tree, to name a few. These are all spots where we like to spend some time.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Muddy Boots Club...Indoors!

 The rain just pounded down today! Although we are dedicated to getting outside in all sorts of weather, we thought we'd sit this one out indoors...but we didn't sit hardly at all!
The children found all sorts of activities to choose from in the 4's classroom, and THEN the fun sort of began....

 We had to choose numbers, 1-9, and line up in that order.....

 And THEN we tried walking with big boots on...that were painted to make prints!

moving right along!!!

it got a little slippery sometimes

purple prints galore

We also took a long walk through the school and asked teachers and students "what do you like to do on a rainy day?" turns out that most of our friends like to read when it rains!

 Until Next Time,

Friday, October 12, 2012

Wind and Leaves

 Before setting off today we read a book called Chipmunk Song that put us in the chipmunk world. We practiced looking like we  filled  our cheeks with acorns, making the sound "chip chip chip" as we walked, listening for bird song that would tell us that our world was safe, and  learned that chipmunks seal themselves in their underground holes in the winter, eating the nuts that they stored all fall. As we walked, we saw many holes and speculated about chipmunks. I love to take pictures when we're outside, and do try not to be too intrusive. Today, though, there were a few requests for pictures, then "can I see it?" when the picture was taken. A beautiful bit of sunshine in a long week of rain!

a familiar picture, all of us looking down a hole. We think its a chipmunk hole!
off we go, "chipping" like chipmunks

the colors of fall

busy builders

first stop on the walk, our favorite big open space!


a train ride

enjoying the surroundings

this is a chipmunk house constructed by two children!

just right!

 an impromptu "twinkle twinkle little star" song

having a talk

the train is active!

exploring the shelters

a big jump off the end of the bridge!

take my picture under the rainbow tree!

take our picture not under the rainbow tree

take my picture in front of these red berries

collaborative builders

wind and leaves!