Thursday, February 9, 2012

a sunny windy way

 long shadows

smiling shadows

a big shadow smile!

I found this


 what happens when you have yarn, children, and trees?

we handed the yarn to the children and they showed us....

a windy way!

Until Next Time,

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Looking for New Adventures and Sounds

Today we played a game with sounds, walking silently to listen for a sound and then producing our song in the group to make music together. The sounds were carried over by the children to a new spot that we found with lots of trees, and logs were pounded and hit with sticks to make new sounds. We talked about the work that the stick pounding was doing, making dirt for the trees to grow, like the insects that live in the logs would do. There was another try at climbing a new tree, and a very funny vine to hang over. AND there were a lot of puddles and mud. Truly the muddy boot club today, we say!
Until Next Time,
making sounds and music!

clicking sounds

deer tracks! Let's follow them and find the deer!

following the deer tracks

the challenge of a narrow bridge

scootching along

focusing on the bridge!

a silly vine to stretch over

what's that?

up another tree!


pounding a log

trying out some pounding

getting more pounding done

waiting for a turn