Friday, September 28, 2012

We Went Out!

strange fungus and almost muddy boots!

the mountain was a little slippery, but everyone tried a climb!

up and over

the children took great care of themselves walking down

but we were there with helping hands

getting muddy....

standing in a small bit of water

walking up the mountain

wet bridge ahead!

one at a time, watching how to go

now run!

"I'm an old man!"

building with sticks and yarn

it's a little too muddy sometimes

moving along!

and it ended up being a wonderful time to be in the woods. It was a bit slippery in places, but that meant that we had to be cautious and take baby steps, and watch our feet. There was water to explore, raindrops to feel, and bridges to cross. We found mushrooms, holes in the ground, and some nice rocks and leaves. We found a "mountain" and climbed up and down it. What do we learn from taking risks, climbing slippery slopes, walking cautiously across a bridge, and being outside for a while?
That we are strong, we can be persistent, we can ask for help when we need it, and we can be successful and confident! PLUS we sleep better at night!

Friday, September 21, 2012

that was a great adventure!

a chipmunk hole, and best of all we watched a chipmunk

jump right in!

over the bridge

this was part of the running
it's true, it was!! We headed out with our little group for muddy boots club, and brought along clothesline, clothespins, and sheets to make "tents". There was a lot of tweaking of the tents by the tall people before the littler people agreed that they would do. AND THEN there was a lot of running, "scaring" noises like BOO and BUGGA BUGGA and pretty loud yelling. AND THEN things got quiet as the tent became decorated and clothes pinned and decorated some more, with a stick bed added (admittedly not very comfortable) and food for a cheetah. Clothespins were counted and pinned and counted, there was a tractor made out of bark, and a fairy house put together with sticks and pine cone decorations.
and then the decorating

and decorating


does that scare you?

this child asked me to come look each time she pinned the tent

making a "tractor"

such focus

a solitary game

ta da!

you can see the "bed" on the ground. It was decorated with a line of leaves for comfort

snack time outside! These children collapsed with exclamations of "I'm bored!"

Friday, September 14, 2012

And Here We Are!

getting ready!

watch out for your buddy!

over our first bridge of the year!

running back to help a friend

a strong climber!

a new but strong climber!

look at me climb!

a climber with wings

there's the frog!


a shelter

so many games at once

singing and playing the "tree"

this just might be her favorite thing to do ever.

this is something about trees. I asked

a natural train

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Muddy Boots Club strikes again! The children were excited to head out of doors, and we walked a bit and then started to play. It is interesting starting up with a few new faces, but everyone quickly acclimated to the space and time out of doors that our club gives us! There was a lot of singing and banging on trees to accompany, tries at climbing a tree, and a few shelters that were constructed by older students during the summer to explore. We saw frogs and toads, and crossed a few bridges. All in all a wonderful way to begin our school year!
looking for frogs

standing in a shelter