Friday, September 14, 2012

And Here We Are!

getting ready!

watch out for your buddy!

over our first bridge of the year!

running back to help a friend

a strong climber!

a new but strong climber!

look at me climb!

a climber with wings

there's the frog!


a shelter

so many games at once

singing and playing the "tree"

this just might be her favorite thing to do ever.

this is something about trees. I asked

a natural train

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Muddy Boots Club strikes again! The children were excited to head out of doors, and we walked a bit and then started to play. It is interesting starting up with a few new faces, but everyone quickly acclimated to the space and time out of doors that our club gives us! There was a lot of singing and banging on trees to accompany, tries at climbing a tree, and a few shelters that were constructed by older students during the summer to explore. We saw frogs and toads, and crossed a few bridges. All in all a wonderful way to begin our school year!
looking for frogs

standing in a shelter

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