Friday, November 22, 2013

a grey day of fun!

 We headed out to the woods and found a "hello goodbye window", pine cones, and a frog!
Some unstructured time spent in a peaceful spot.

Until Next Time,

taking a closer look

Friday, November 1, 2013

And the Skies Cleared!

 The air felt so good after a morning of rain. We headed out to sprinkle cracked corn for the hungry animals and birds, and will check on our piles of corn next week. Will they be gone? A snake, perhaps because it was a little cold in the leaves, stayed very still for us to look at it. We left it some corn, too. We listened to bird song, and left corn where we heard it. Some of us noticed that the trees could hold corn in the branches and holes.
We had a talk about safety near a climbing rock that the children gravitate towards. "If you don't feel safe by yourself on the rock, find somewhere else to climb;" and a few of the children found somewhere else to climb.  As you'll see, many felt safe, and climbed without help. The difficult part was waiting for a turn!
Until Next Time,

looking closely for bugs

snake in the leaves!

a snack for a hungry animal or bird

finding a spot for the corn

the tree/rock challenge!

no problem!

experienced tree/rock climber

looking closely

more wildlife! A slug.