Friday, October 28, 2011

who lives in a tree?

here we go!

oak leaves
exploring a very tall tree

comparing leaves

 squirrel's nest

bird nest

journal coloring

yes, we belong!
We spent time outdoors exploring a very tall tree. It was an oak tree! What could live in or near that tree? We discovered squirrel's nest and bird nest close enough to photograph. Our journals were filled with poems and pictures of creatures that could live in  or near a very tall tree.
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Friday, October 21, 2011

Out in the Woods

listening to the shaker sounds

what shall we put in next?
take my picture please!

getting ready


listening to my favorite tree. It sang to a few of us.

this is a big vine hanging here

over the bridge

touching moss
 It was a beautiful afternoon to spend in the woods. We made shakers from "things" that we found on the ground...seeds, leaves, sticks, rocks, or whatever would fit in the classic cardboard tube. Our walk through the woods included stops to spend time seeing, hearing, smelling, and touching, and the children helped to create a book of senses for our hike. I almost wish we had an audio to this blog, as we happened to be REALLY LOUD....maybe so we could be heard above the crunching of the leaves.....maybe it was just a LOUD afternoon.

Friday, October 14, 2011

A Leafy Day

ready to go!

the search is on

how's this shape?


look at the different shapes!

it's a little breezy, hold on!

choosing the right colors



this tree has a leaf at the top

The muddy boot club met on a day meant to be rainy...which was, instead, breezy and warm....we searched for three different shaped leaves and learned how to make leaf rubbings to discover beautiful shapes and lines....we made a beautiful wreath for a special person at our school, and after a long hike over the bridges we updated our journals, attaching leaves to the pages, coloring, and telling stories about rainbow trees.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

What Happens in the Fall?

We looked around at the fields and asked "what is happening to all the flowers?" and the children just dry up and die so seeds can be planted for new flowers in the spring. Our experience of the seeds was that they could be STICKY, FLOATY, and FUN. I think the milkweed seeds were the favorite. We gathered seeds to push into salt dough pendants, and along the way we discovered galls in the stalks of some flowers, maple seeds that had floated into the fields from the woods, and helped to fill up a bag with a tangle of seeds.
the muddy boot club journal
this looks like an action picture
I made this!
Official Members of the Muddy Boot Club

Monday, October 3, 2011

Just the Beginning.....

PreK Planet Parker is dedicated to our beautiful outdoor trails and fields and the time that we spend out there. 
Muddy Boots, paintbrushes, and the natural curiosity of a child required! 
On a recent Friday afternoon we gathered sticks and gave them some color by painting them.

collections can be small or large, and can change if you have an open carton to fill, as things fall out when you walk along :o)

 we read A Day with No Crayons and then scoured the fields for things to pound onto paper and make a picture WITH NO CRAYONS! The children placed their flowers, grass, leaves, or sticks inside the paper, folded it, and pounded away with toy hammers. This picture was made with blades of grass.

We will chronicle our adventures each Friday afternoon that we spend in the great outdoors. 
Until Next Time,