Friday, October 21, 2011

Out in the Woods

listening to the shaker sounds

what shall we put in next?
take my picture please!

getting ready


listening to my favorite tree. It sang to a few of us.

this is a big vine hanging here

over the bridge

touching moss
 It was a beautiful afternoon to spend in the woods. We made shakers from "things" that we found on the ground...seeds, leaves, sticks, rocks, or whatever would fit in the classic cardboard tube. Our walk through the woods included stops to spend time seeing, hearing, smelling, and touching, and the children helped to create a book of senses for our hike. I almost wish we had an audio to this blog, as we happened to be REALLY LOUD....maybe so we could be heard above the crunching of the leaves.....maybe it was just a LOUD afternoon.

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