Monday, October 3, 2011

Just the Beginning.....

PreK Planet Parker is dedicated to our beautiful outdoor trails and fields and the time that we spend out there. 
Muddy Boots, paintbrushes, and the natural curiosity of a child required! 
On a recent Friday afternoon we gathered sticks and gave them some color by painting them.

collections can be small or large, and can change if you have an open carton to fill, as things fall out when you walk along :o)

 we read A Day with No Crayons and then scoured the fields for things to pound onto paper and make a picture WITH NO CRAYONS! The children placed their flowers, grass, leaves, or sticks inside the paper, folded it, and pounded away with toy hammers. This picture was made with blades of grass.

We will chronicle our adventures each Friday afternoon that we spend in the great outdoors. 
Until Next Time,

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