Friday, March 22, 2013


 It took us a while to get to our destination, the snow was soooo inviting! AND we wanted to try going down the hill a few times.

 We had to wiggle through some tree branches that were in our way.

 but then, once we were there, we were THERE. There were some great sliding chutes, jumping off parts, tree and stick houses, and plenty of snow to go around!

 There was a lot of snow action!

Until Next Time,

Friday, March 15, 2013

muddy boots with kites and snow

 Somehow there was excitement generated about kites this afternoon, and so we made kites at the marker table, and gave them a try out on the playground before heading out into the woods.
guest muddy boots club member!

 and off we go. It snowed a bit as we were outside, but the children found lots of old favorites to explore. The bridge, the fire pit, a cozy "cave" and some logs to sit on or hit. The stump was tried for a climb, sometimes more successfully than others. Altogether a wonderful afternoon!

Until next time,

Friday, March 1, 2013

Muddy Muddy Boots Club

 just the beginning...taking baby steps to stay upright on the slippy ground!

the magic house; it could be an airplane, a rocket ship, or a house

hide and seek!

this is the stump; it will get more action later!

calm vigilance :o)

the beginning of the stump climbers

a line starts to form

the boost for a friend!
 We headed out into the woods for an extended playtime today, and found a lot to do. There was a "magic" house that was able to change into whatever you needed it to change into, sticks to bang and pile, nests to build, and hide and seek to play. The big hit for the children was trying to climb up the stump. The children  took turns, with close supervision, but not a lot of help, pulling themselves up to sit on a tall stump. It was a challenge well met, and everyone who wanted to had a go. If you were almost but not quite there, your friends could give you a gentle boost.

Until Next Time,