Friday, May 31, 2013

The week before......when it was rainy (!)

 We took advantage of a very wet day to make a tent fort in the classroom! This day was different, with paper crowns, stories, and paper marshmallows and fires.

Until Next Time,

Saturday, May 18, 2013

We Have a Map!

We explored our trails following a map that we've made, naming spots along the way. The children grasped the concept of "where am I now?" and were eager to find the spot on the map that corresponded to our place on the trail. There was a long discussion about the "singing tree" and lots of listening. The children are familiar with and enjoy exploring their favorite spaces, but the maps helped us to move along the trail!
Until Next Time,
finding the tree on the map

the mountain

first bridge, remember; don't look at your map when you're crossing the bridge!

fire circle stones

we are here

the singing tree.

humming along to the song

we were happy to see "Marsh Mallows" growing along the trail!

some fishing

this was the tire swing tree!

this was the rainbow tree!

"train tree log"

aptly named!


new bridges to cross

on we go!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

We Hiked With the Whole School!

This mbc we celebrated the middle school student's bridge making accomplishments for stem week by hiking with the whole school! We had our own little hike, too, to quiet things down a bit. A nice way to spend a sunny breezy afternoon.

the originals!

smell this!

it's skunk cabbage!

a close look at a worm

she can keep two swinging at once!
ending the club time on the playground with smiles and stories.