Friday, May 18, 2012

A Beautiful Day for Looking and Listening

We headed to the woods on this beautiful day and saw and heard so many things. We saw butterflies, bugs, colorful flowers, and all sorts of green. We heard bird songs, the breeze, and the brook running along. The children found worms and slugs and held them for a little while until finding them a new and safe "home." The pictures reflect, I hope, the peaceful and settling effect of a space of time in the welcoming woods. When we say "listen!" the children readily stop and listen, especially to birdsong. When we find something to look at, they pause and look. We are careful not to pick anything, except for acorns, sticks, and rocks, and maybe a tiny worm, if only for a little while. My favorite time is when a child asks, along our walk...."can this be a stopping place?"

Until Next Time,
off we go!

my thumb fits!


a familiar tree

looking closely together

everything's rosy!

showing off a flower.


a close look off a bridge

this is a "hand climb tree" according to these two!

climbing up by "hand"

I can't see you!!

a tiger!

a place to pause



A sheltered spot

looking for worms.

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