Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wind, Science, and Rocks

not sure why the scientists are so solemn. Except for one!
 This is our science, making a rain gauge, and a wind gauge...we found the ideas in a science experiment book, and gave it a try. The children tried their hand at lining up the tape. On it's way to the "weather station", the rain gauge got a try in the sink, and was filled with water, filled a bit with soap, then rocks, and finally was emptied and placed on the ground. The wind gauge lost it's arrow a few times, but finally we set the gauges in rocks. We'll check on them later! It was a muddy, moody walk at first, but when we came in there were definitely more smiles.
Until Next Time,

heading out!

the wind gauge moved a bit, and the children tried moving with the arrow

weather watching

should we cross here?

should we cross here?

should we cross here? or just toss some stuff in there?


for standing

and standing

and standing

and standing

we are very good at crossing bridges

one at a time, keep moving

take care of your friend

jump and run!

let's try this swing today

take a picture of me with one foot up!

take my picture sitting up here!

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