Saturday, March 24, 2012


some things we might need

a close look

an even closer look!
 We brought some useful things out in the woods today, which were all about looking. Egg cartons for collecting and looking, binoculars and magnifying glasses for looking afar and looking up close, a bird book for looking for birds, and chalk to add some of our own decorations. The children got right into the looking, and we think we've found a new favorite spot, complete with bridges to get to it.

Until Next Time,
look what I found!

looking afar

the beginnings of a collection


looking very closely at a tree seed

all kinds of looking going on

up and down

trying a climb

becoming a strong climber!

just climbing

look closely

looking afar

how did you do that?

ready for anything!

we found a place to sit together

this looks like a meeting

checking something out

just having a talk

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