Saturday, March 10, 2012

Getting Brave!

heading out!


horse hoof

a favorite tree


an "enemy train" according to the passengers and engineer

trying a risky balancing act

I found this


another place to sit in a line

rewinding the yarn

a little tricky to get through here

yarn for a branch

a tall branch that's decorated

this will do for a stage, and an audience!

this is a place for taking risks!

jumping off

taking turns being "up"

a risky yet comfortable seat
 Muddy Boots Club! We were ready to head out into a less wintry forest. As we moved along, we noticed the children trying new sorts of activities, mostly involving climbing by themselves and then sitting, and sometimes jumping!  We were always nearby, and when I commented to some perching children that I was surprised at how brave they were, a littlest club member piped up "Everyone's brave!"

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