Saturday, December 9, 2017

Out in the Cold

We stayed in due to rain and wind on our Tuesday day, but got out on Friday! Back to a spot we had just visited the week before. The children did not act bewildered this time but set right to "work" (play). There was a lot of sweeping of copious pine needles which became a work crew led by an imaginative girl making a "swimming pool." The children swept a spot clear, added "pool toys", and swam and swam. Then, their work complete, they set off to make another pool. Even the littlest were inspired to help, although they needed some instruction in the direction of the sweeping. We find the combination of 3's and 4's to be intriguing. The 4's tend to want to work together, can follow directions from each other, and are verbally able to state their needs to teachers or other children. The 3's have a lot of running energy, and run around the perimeter of the play space, with some pauses to join in and then run out again. The 3's don't pause for direction, while the 4's are more likely to look to see what others are doing and even question how they can join in.

All the wonderful work of the woods! 

Our work here is done!
Until Next Time,

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