Saturday, March 4, 2017

New News: No Snow!

As we head out to the woods, there is a "stage" set up that we like to pause at to slide down the "fire pole" (convenient tree) and then down into the woods we go!

 Lengths of fallen trees are invitations to balance, jump, line up and sit, and play.

 "Can we walk in the puddle?"

Friday was MUCH colder, so we wore snow pants and didn't stay out for too long. 

A group of girls found this bouncy little bent tree and spent the afternoon figuring out how to get a good bouncy ride, taking turns and problem solving. The final solution was one girl on the tree, and one or two making the tree bounce until the girl fell off onto the soft leaf ground. 

"I'm making a fire"

hide and seek! (counting in Spanish)

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