Friday, December 12, 2014

Let it Snow!

As I was driving in to school this morning I heard snippets of a story about "schools needing to remedy a Nature Deficit Disorder" which made today's time were able to spend outside all the more perfect. The children are excited every Friday morning and ask me, frequently, "Is it Muddy Boots Club today?" (to tell the truth, the children ask me when they see me if it's Muddy Boots Club today!) a question which not only gives me great joy, but also reminds me how much we value our outdoor time.  There's no Nature Deficit Disorder at our school; we are happy to spend extended lengths of time out on our beautiful property reveling in all that nature has to offer.

Today the children practiced total immersion in the snow. There was laying down in the snow, sitting in the snow, shaking trees so that snow fell heavily on our heads, and running in the snow-and then repeat. Thank you for sending in warm layers and dry socks!

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