Friday, January 17, 2014

A Slightly Snowy Afternoon

 We didn't waste any time getting out today to enjoy the snow that was left in the shadows...
making a new friend

finding tracks in the snow

brushing off the snow

deciding what to play


sitting on snowy rocks

throwing snowballs into the now-melted stream

they float!

making sure to stay back just enough

more snow throwing

posing for a picture

this one too!

 working at climbing trees!

a practiced climber

a proud climber

the clouds are moving!

and, moving right along.    
We are impressed at the ease and comfort that the children have in the woods now. We have a favorite spot with many child-sized spaces and large clearings and a stream running through it. As soon as we arrive, the children start running, climbing, looking, and playing. We stay near,  keeping everyone in sight, but it is a time for free, unstructured play outdoors. When we start to hear "when are we going back?" and "when is snack?" we know it's time to walk back to school.
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