Friday, February 1, 2013

We Went Looking for Winter!

It was cold and windy out, but we found a few moments and a lot of layers, and out we went to the woods. The children found ice to stamp on, branches to carry, and bits of snow here and there. There was a Pirate Ship, and a Chipmunk House, and bridges to cross. Just enough winter for a few moments of fun!
Until Next Time,

measuring the it too long?

this is a music tree, if you have a stick

lively music!

showing where the holes are!

"arrrrrgh" this is the pirate boat!

the last piece to finish the chipmunk house!

more music making

stamping on the ice!

found: one frozen bird's nest

rosy cheeks!

this is a journal entry: all of us walking across the bridge!

it felt good to be back inside!

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