Friday, November 9, 2012

Sticks and More Sticks

We were so happy as a group to have beautiful temperate weather today that we walked and walked and played and played outside for a very long time. We had a special snack of hot chocolate and popcorn rice cakes at the end of our muddy boots adventures, so that made the long walk back seem a little shorter. Sticks seemed to be the name of the game today, handfuls of sticks, or just one stick, to be used as a tool, a stump or log drumstick, a broom, or just to hang onto for the walk. Our walk started with a very messy roll down a short hill.

making all sorts of different sounds

threading a leaf  back onto a stick

happiness is.....

sticks as tools

telling knock knock jokes

there are all different places in our muddy boots pack...the leaders....

and the leaders who like to look around while they walk

all aboard the log train!

Until Next Time,

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