Friday, October 5, 2012

Oak Trees

This week we began our club meeting with a sun dance to "walkin' on sunshine" at the request of one of the 4's. Why not celebrate the first day of sun in many many days of clouds?  We read a book about The Very Busy Tree and then set out for the fields with a question in mind. Could we find an oak tree just by looking at the leaves? It turns out that PreK children are very good at identifying oak trees and even found some on their own by looking at the leaves. We looked closely at the oak tree and I asked the children if they could "show" me the oak tree if I gave them a piece of paper and some crayons. The answer, was yes they could draw representations of the leaves, the standing up trunk, the colors, and then with some help some of the children rubbed the bark with paper and crayon. After our oak exploration we set up a tent with rope and sheets and mats and had snack outside. What a great way to spend a sunny afternoon, outside!
off we go


pieces of oak

showing the oak tree

a close listen to the oak tree

rubbing the bark

the leaves are bumpy

helping friends to rub the bark

oak leaves in color

an oak leaf, look!

a tiny tiny acorn

clothespins and leaves

in the shelter with friends

in the shelter

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