Friday, December 9, 2011

A Wintry Afternoon

a game of throwing the snow into the stream
happy yelling1

setting up a tarp shelter

a cozy spot

a spot in the forest for playing

the beginning of I the rabbit or the cat?

snowy rabbits

a stick and a smile

more sticks in use to make a house for a mouse

a stick for pounding the snow!


negotiating the roles of the game

this stick spreads birdseed

cats or rabbits in the forest

a snow cheetah

We spent a dreamy afternoon in the woods with a cozy quickly set up tarp shelter for sitting in, a bag of extra dry mittens, and plenty of snow and sticks to create with. The children immediately began their very interactive games..."Will you be the dad?"  "I'm the cat" "follow me, hurry!" ....and creating creatures and their homes out of snow and sticks...a mouse, a cheetah, and a rabbit. We spread birdseed on flat spaces, and will look to see if it is found by the birds next time. There was a very satisfying game of throwing snow chunks into the stream which ran gently nearby.  There was never a complaint about being cold and wet (thank goodness for modern fabric technology) but there were plenty of smiles and happy shouts.

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