Friday, November 4, 2011

what can "be" a paintbrush?

here we go! there's never a straggler when the forest beckons.....

a bird's nest, spotted early on...what a beautiful sky!

We learned about ironwood trees today! They look like muscles.

listening very closely to the ironwood tree. It was singing.

I'm not stuck, I'm just yelling!

over a bridge

time to explore

grab a's some paint!

sticks....leaves.....more sticks....paintbrushes!

tapping the stick to make a painting

all types of shapes and marks

tap tap scrape scrape

I need more paint, please!

wind makes painting even more adventurous!

a balancing act

slippery boots are soooo funny!

We headed out to the trails for a noisy crunchy walk, and found a wonderful place to pause and play, and then paint! The children "found" paintbrushes, and we provided a little bit of brilliant paint to make marks on paper as it blew in the wind. We learned about RED and WHITE oak leaves, and the ironwood tree which is as strong as its name suggests. A brilliant day in the beautiful forest.
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